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His music mixes the sounds of today with the sounds of the past which attracts both young and old listeners. Whenever I listen to Andreu's music, I can hear the passion through every song that he makes. The talents he displays while playing every instrument is truly a gift.


-Kareem (IG: kmusic_11)

What can I say about his work… Only one word comes to mind: AMAZING!!! 
Andreu’s work is very fresh, polished, thought out, professional, and it always exceeds the music industry’s standard. His work is very breathe taking; it leaves me speechless. Watching his start process to his finish process is very dope and for me, it's life-changing.

-Donnell Russell (@donnell_russell)

This producer has an ear for quality music full-scale. The influences are noticeably present in his sample choice and percussion. Andreu Karnigie has undoubtedly gained a new audience in search of a fresh-authentic sound due to his tasteful love for vintage jazz with a quiet insertion of hip-hop/soul. 


-Lawrence Jackson (@thevintographer)

Andreu does not simply "make music".  His awareness of complex musical composition, mastery of multiple instruments, and comprehensive knowledge of various musical genres take each production to the next level.

-Skie Rainey (@theraineyskie) 

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