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Whether in the studio, on stage, or on TV, Evan Washington (aka Andreu Karnigie the producer) is an ambitious, multifaceted bass player that continues to deliver exceptional music.


After playing several instruments and winning All County and All State honors throughout elementary and middle school, he  was first introduced to the bass at age 13. Evan assimilated his musical understanding and developed his keyboard proficiency to further his understanding of the bass guitar.


Taking his scholastic career to Grambling State University, he graduated with a bachelors in Music Performance on Classical guitar then graduated with his masters in Jazz Studies on Bass Guitar from the University of New Orleans.


Evan has shared the stage with many New Orleans favorites including Aaron Neville, Caren Green, Brassaholics, Gina Brown, Josh Kagler, Vegas Cola, Zena Moses, Calvin Johnson, and CoolNasty to name a few.


His name also appears on many records as producer and player under the moniker Andreu Karnigie as well as a composer for the New Orleans Film Festival award winning film ‘She Was Famous’. Currently, Evan is the bass player for New Orleans funk band ChapterSoul and the corporate band SouledOut. Be on the lookout for his name as he matriculates through the entertainment industry!

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